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Backbone: It is Abstract?

My knowledge of object oriented programming – or lack of it – shows when reading the Design Patterns book. I read through that book and find that so much of the information that is presented is beyond my comprehension of true system designs. But the learning process is trying to understand how these patterns are seen in...

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Adventures in Learning to Code

One of the newest adventures I have taken on more and more is monitoring what I do when I am learning something new. Being able to spotlight what it is when I am focusing in on something that I want to grasp gives me the ability to understand more about how my mind is taken in the information. Here are some insights into what I have...

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JavaScript Functional Callbacks

This is a short post about the challenges I am facing when it comes to functional programming in JavaScript. The concept seems straight forward once it is grasped, which is what I am attempting to do. Functional callbacks can be extremely helpful when taking a large application and cutting down the functions of the program into...

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JavaScript Variables and Scope

These are notes that I have taken from my reading of a great book from Nicholas Zakas called “Professional JavaScript for Web Developers”. This book covers just about everything and anything you will find in JavaScript so it is a large book to cover. I have found it useful to take notes on each topic and then record what...

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This is not a promise I tell you

I have it mind that I was going to take what I was learning tonight and turn around and write a blog post about it to share with others. Well let me get you to the point so you don’t have to read any further if you are looking for code that is going to help you….It is not here. My reading tonight for study was on the...

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My Love of Grunt

Aug 16, 13 My Love of Grunt

Posted by in JavaScript, Workflow

Lately I have not had time to do much blogging as my work schedule has been hectic. With that hectic schedule I have been able to work with some great tools that I did not have much knowledge about. With the help of co-workers that have helped me to get a better understanding of these tools, I have come to appreciate Grunt very much...

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Learning the way to develop

I have been going through a process of finding the best way to learn. I have gone from reading books, watching videos, making videos, doing use cases, etc. They all have been helpful in continuing to learn but there is one approach that has helped me lately that I have started to take an active interest in: watching others. This is...

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